Seitsemisen Torpat was established in 2002 when Tapani Harjuntausta relocated the charming over 100 years old log house to it’s current location. As a construction foreman he had the skill to build the log house to it’s new state of matter and as a man with the heart for the forest and the countryside he had the inspiration to create a place of tranquility for the many visitors to come.

Seitsemisen Torpat cabin is located next to the Seitseminen National Park. The park offers diverse routes and sights for visitors with different ages and hiking skill levels. On the trails visitors can experience the distinct nature of the mires and old-growth forests. The oldest shield bark pines are almost 400 years old and they can be seen in the area of Multiharju.

The nature is close by just outside the cabin. Birds are giving their best singing performances, wind is so soft and fresh, at the pond the water is enfolding the swimmer gently and the fragrance of the surrounding mire is inimitable. The berries and mushrooms are clean and waiting to be picked up. The fisherman is also rewarded in Seitseminen.

In the autumn the autumn foliage is sustaining the longing of the aesthetic mind and there is really nothing comparable to the overwhelming feeling when you stand outside in the dark autumn night and gaze the stars that are revealed only far away from the obtrusive city lights.

Tapani Harjuntausta warmly welcomes all the people who want to experience the pure nature of the Lakeland of Finland in the shelter of the traditional log cabin.


Explore the charming little islands and the lovely natural beaches of the lake Aurejärvi by canoeing.


Enjoy the stunning nature of Seitseminen by walking or cycling. The picture shows the route of Saari-Soljanen and the barbecue that is open for everyone.


You can row a boat, swim and fish at the pond behind the cabin. You can also rent a boat at a bigger lake, lake Kyrösjärvi.